Luxemont is 12.5 acres in size and is stocked with plenty of fish ranging from upper doubles to over 50lbs. The lake itself is stunning and full of features with comfortable swims and of course toilets and showers.

Fishing-wise, we have stocked enough fish to ensure that the next bite is never too far away whilst ensuring the carp have plenty of room to grow. 

The stock in the lake is made up of the beautiful scaly originals which go into the 30's and our new stock fish which were sourced from two different fish farmers. The new stock fish are all between 20 and 52lbs and are known for their exceptional growth rates so we expect the average weight to be increasing rapidly.

We allow a maximum of 8 anglers on Luxemont and there are 9 spacious swims on the lake meaning that there is always the opportunity to move if you fancy a change of scenery during your stay.

We have tried several different methods so far from solid bags to huge beds of bait and have found all of them to be successful so if you go with what works for you at home, it will work for you here too. 

The nearest supermarket is 10 minutes away and the nearest tabac is 15 minutes. There is also a lovely town 15 minutes away if you fancy a day away from fishing or lunch in a bar.

We also keep the essentials in stock on site in case you forget or run out of anything.