Bignicourt is 7.5 acres and is a feature-filled oasis. The carp range from 20-54lbs+.  

It is a natural looking lake and has a more 'English' feel to it with its numerous islands and gravel bars.

Unlike most commercial French fisheries we have purposely set this lake up very differently in an attempt to give it a more intimate feel. Overgrown margins, dot islands, snags etc all add to its unique atmosphere.


Although we have purposely kept it more natural it still boasts spacious swims and socialising areas along with showers and toilets a short walk away.

We allow a maximum of 4 anglers on Bignicourt and there are 6 spacious swims on the lake meaning that there is always the opportunity to move if you fancy a change of scenery during your stay.

The nearest supermarket is 10 minutes away and the nearest tabac is 15 minutes. There is also a lovely town 15 minutes away if you fancy a day away from fishing or lunch in a bar.

We also keep the essentials in stock on site in case you forget or run out of anything.